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Figure 2-5:
Gantt Chart
view can
display any
of columns
of data that
you want.
You can also customize the column display for any table by displaying or
hiding individual columns of data one by one. (See the section “Displaying
different columns,” later in this chapter, for information about this procedure.)
Going with the flow: Network
Diagram view
Another view that you’re likely to use often is Network Diagram view, which
is shown in Figure 2-6. The organization of information represents the
workflow in your project, with a series of task boxes. The boxes include
dependency lines running between them to reflect the sequence of tasks (see
Chapter 6 for more about dependency relationships). You read this view from
left to right, with the earlier tasks on the left flowing into later tasks and
subtasks to the right. Tasks that happen in the same timeframe are aligned
vertically above each other. Tasks with an X through them have been marked as
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