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Figure 2-6:
view puts
in task
Traditionally called a PERT chart, this method of diagramming workflow was
developed by the United States Navy in the 1950s for use in building the
Polaris submarine.
Network Diagram view has no timescale because the view isn’t used to see
specific timing but rather to see the general order of tasks in a plan. However, each
task box holds specific timing information about each task, such as the start
date, finish date, and duration. (You can customize the information in the task
boxes, as described later in this chapter, in the “Customizing Views” section.)
Calling up Calendar view
Who can conceive of creating a schedule without opening up a calendar? This
familiar view of time is one of the many views offered in Project. Calendar
view, as shown in Figure 2-7, looks like a monthly wall calendar, with boxes
that represent days on a calendar in rows that represent the days in a week.
You can modify Calendar view to display from one to six weeks (or more, by
using a Custom setting in the Zoom dialog box) on the screen at a time.
Calendar view also includes a timescale that you can modify to show a 7-day
or 5-day week and shading to indicate working and nonworking days based
on a selected base or resource calendar.
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