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Figure 2-7:
The familiar
shows you
how one
task can
several days
(or even
Dozens of views are built into Project. You encounter many more as you work
through specific elements of Project in this topic.
Customizing Views
Just when you thought you were starting to get a handle on the two dozen or
so views available in Project, I dazzle you with even more possibilities: Every
one of those views can be customized to show different information. Now the
possible view variations become astronomical.
You can customize every view in Project to show different information; for
example, you can choose to show different columns of information in
spreadsheets, different labels in Network Diagram boxes or taskbars, or different
sets of data in graph views. You can modify the size of panes of information
and adjust the timescale.
Why all this flexibility with what you see on-screen? At various times in a
project, you need to focus on different aspects of your tasks. Having a problem
with costs? Take a look at Resource Usage view and insert several columns of
cost information, such as resource rates and total actual costs. Is your plan
taking longer than the Hundred Years’ War? You might want to display Tracking
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