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Gantt view and look at a bunch of columns with timing and dependency data
or examine the project’s critical path in the chart pane. Need to display more
of the sheet area so that you can read those columns without having to
scroll? You can do that, too. In this section, you find out how to do all the
things you need to do to show a variety of information in each view.
Working with view panes
In addition to Gantt Chart view, several other views have two panes, such as
Task Usage, Tracking Gantt, and Resource Usage. You can modify the
information that you see in the sheet pane as well as the scale for timing in the chart
pane. You can also display information near taskbars in the chart pane.
Resizing a pane
In views that show more than one pane, you can reduce or enlarge each pane.
This capability helps you see more information in one area, depending on
what your focus is at the time.
The overall area taken up by the two panes is constant, so when you enlarge
one pane, you reduce the size of the other.
Follow these steps to change the size of a pane in a view:
1. Place your mouse cursor over the edge of a pane.
2. When you see a cursor that’s a line with two arrows (one pointing left
and one pointing right), click and drag.
• Dragging to the left enlarges the pane on the right.
• Dragging to the right enlarges the pane on the left.
3. Release the mouse button.
The panes are resized.
Note that if you display the Project Guide or another task pane, such as New
Project or Search Results, Project automatically resizes the sheet and chart
panes to accommodate the additional pane.
Because the Project Guide takes up space on-screen, a quick way to see more
of any of the project information in any view is to hide the Project Guide; this
advice also applies for the View bar. The Project Guide toolbar offers a Hide/
Show Guide button that you can click to hide or display it, and you can
choose View
View Bar to turn the View bar on and off.
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