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Figure 2-10:
You can use
templates of
data for
view task
4. Click OK to save the new template.
You can also apply different templates to each box separately by right-clicking
a box (rather than clicking outside a box), choosing Format Box, selecting a
different template from the Data Template drop-down list, and then clicking OK.
Making boxes pretty
Are you the creative type? Don’t like the shape or color of the boxes in the
Network Diagram boxes? Want to add shading to the background of the
boxes? Project lets you do all that and more.
Follow these steps to modify the format of Network Diagram boxes:
1. Right-click anywhere in Network Diagram view outside any box and
then choose Box Styles.
The Box Styles dialog box appears, as shown in Figure 2-11.
2. Click the Shape drop-down list and select a different shape from the
list that appears.
3. Click the Color drop-down list and select a different color from the list
of colors.
Note: This choice specifies the color of the line that forms the box, not a
background color. For that, see Step 5 of this list.
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