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Figure 3-2:
Define your
day, week,
month, and
4. To modify the start of your fiscal year, select the month you want
from the Fiscal Year Starts In drop-down list.
5. To change the working hours for a typical day, type new times in the
Default Start Time and Default End Time fields.
If you change the Default Start or End Time setting, you should also
change the corresponding working times. See the following section to
discover how to do this.
6. Modify the Hours Per Day, Hours Per Week, and Days Per Month
fields as needed.
7. Click OK to save the settings.
If your company uses these settings for most projects, you can click the Set
As Default button on the Calendar tab of the Options dialog box to make your
settings the default settings for any new project you create.
Setting exceptions to working times
If you want to change the available working hours for a particular day (such
as December 24), you use the working time settings. For example, if you want
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