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the day before Christmas to be a half day, you can modify the working time
settings for that day; then any resources assigned to a task on this date put in
only one-half day of work. You also use these settings to specify global
working and nonworking days to match the calendar options settings.
Here’s how to change working times:
1. Choose Tools
Change Working Time.
The Change Working Time dialog box appears, as shown in Figure 3-3.
Figure 3-3:
The working
times you
set here for
your project
to settings
in the
2. In the Click On a Day to See Its Working Times calendar section, click
the day you want to change.
3. Click the Exceptions tab to display it; then click a blank row and type
a name for the exception.
4. Click the Details button.
The Details box for this calendar dialog box appears (see Figure 3-4).
5. Select either the Nonworking or Working Times radio button.
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