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Using Project Guide to Make
Calendar Settings
Project Guide offers a useful Calendar Wizard that can help you set both
calendar options and working time settings, which can be useful when you’re
new to Project 2007. Follow these steps to make calendar options and Project
calendar settings using this wizard:
1. If Project Guide isn’t already visible, you can display it at any time by
choosing View
Project Guide.
If the Project Guide toolbar is displayed and you want to hide it, you can
click the Show/Hide Project Guide button on the Project Guide toolbar
to hide it.
2. Click the Task button if the task pane isn’t already displayed.
3. Click the Define General Working Times item listed in the Project
Guide task pane.
The Preview Working Time calendar appears, as shown in Figure 3-6.
4. From the Select a Calendar Template drop-down list, choose the Base
calendar that you want your project to use.
The Calendar setting offers the three Base calendar templates: Standard,
Night Shift, and 24 Hours, as described in the “How calendars work”
section, earlier in this chapter.
5. Click the Save and Go to Step 2 option at the bottom of the Project
Guide pane.
The task pane contents change to show check boxes for each day of the
week (see Figure 3-7). If you want to change the working days in your
calendar for this project, click to select or deselect any day.
6. Click the Save and Go to Step 3 option, and then click Change
Working Time in the task pane.
The Change Working Time dialog box, described in the preceding section,
appears. Refer to that section to find out about changes you can make here.
7. Click OK to close the Change Working Time dialog box and then click
the Continue to Step 4option.
8. Use the three text boxes that appear in the task pane to change the Hours
Per Day, Hours Per Week, and Days Per Month settings, if you want.
9. Click the Continue to Step 5 option.
A message appears in the task pane to say that the Project calendar is
now set. If you want to work with other calendars at this point, you can
click the Define Additional Calendars option.
10. Click Save and Finish.
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