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When you choose a Base calendar template, it sets the typical working time
for your company. If a few resources on your project work the night shift but
the majority of your resources work a standard workday, you may want to
choose the Base calendar template that applies to the majority of your
resources (in this case, Standard). You can make changes to specific
Resource and Task calendars later (see the next two sections).
Modifying Task Calendars
You can set a Task calendar to use a different Base calendar template than
the one you selected for the Project calendar. Doing so takes precedence
over the Project calendar for that task. Suppose that you select the Standard
calendar template for a project and a 24 Hours Task calendar template. If you
then specify that the task has a duration of one day, its one 24-hour day.
To modify settings for a Task calendar, follow these steps:
1. Double-click the task name.
The Task Information dialog box appears.
2. Click the Advanced tab.
3. From the Calendar drop-down list, choose a different Base calendar,
as shown in Figure 3-8.
4. Click OK to save your new calendar setting.
If a resource assigned to this task has a modified calendar, that resource
works only during the specific hours that the Task calendar and Resource
calendar have in common.
Figure 3-8:
You can
apply any of
the three
types to
tasks in your
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