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Figure 3-10:
Modify the
9. Click to select a recurrence pattern and then set an interval in the
Every x Days box.
For example, if you choose Daily and click the arrows to set the interval
field to 3, this pattern recurs every three days.
10. Set the range of recurrence.
You can do this by entering Start and End By dates or select the End
After radio button and set the number of occurrences.
11. Click OK twice to close the dialog boxes and save your changes.
Can resources work overtime even if their calendars say that they’re 9-to-5’ers?
Yes, but you have to tell Project 2007 to schedule overtime work. You can
also set a different rate to be charged for overtime work for that resource. To
find out more about overtime, see Chapter 8.
Do It Yourself: Creating a Custom
Calendar Template
If you ever wanted to make your own time, here’s your chance. Although
Project 2007’s three Base calendar templates probably cover most working
situations, you might want to create your own calendar template. For example,
if your project involves a telemarketing initiative and most project resources
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