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6. Click Options.
The Options dialog box appears with the Calendar tab displayed.
7. Make changes to the start of the week or year, the start and end times
for a workday, and the hour or day settings.
8. Click OK twice to save the new calendar settings.
Sharing Copies of Calendars
You can make a calendar available for all projects in two ways:
Set a calendar as the default for all new projects by making that
choice in the Change Working Time dialog box.
Make calendars from one project available for use in another project.
This second method is especially useful when you want to share
calendars with other project managers in your company and don’t want to
change your own default calendar.
To copy a calendar from one project to another, follow this procedure:
1. Open the project to which you want to copy a calendar.
2. Choose Tools
The Organizer dialog box appears.
3. Click the Calendars tab, as shown in Figure 3-12.
Figure 3-12:
You can
copy your
to other
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