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Figure 4-3:
Task names,
notes, and
entered in
Outlook all
come along
for the ride.
3. Select the options for the tasks you want to import, or click Select All
to import all Outlook tasks.
By default, Outlook keeps tasks in a Tasks folder. Selecting the check box
for the Folder: Tasks item is another way to select all tasks in Outlook.
4. Click OK.
The tasks are imported and appear at the end of your list of tasks with
change highlighting applied
When you import tasks from Outlook, the task name, the task duration, and
any task notes are brought over. If a task in Outlook has no duration, Project
creates the task with an estimated one-day time frame.
Project 2007 enhances Outlook integration that goes way beyond importing
tasks. See Chapter 19 for more information.
Importing an Excel task list
I am a firm believer that you should make things easy on yourself. If you like
to noodle around with your task list for a project in Excel, you shouldn’t have
to retype everything into Project to build a Project plan. For that reason,
Microsoft has provided an Excel Task List template. This template, located in
the Microsoft Office template folder, can be opened from Excel.
The template provides four Excel worksheets, as shown in Figure 4-4, in
which you can enter tasks, resources, and resource assignments, and then
export that data from Excel to Project.
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