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Linking to tasks that live somewhere else
You can insert hyperlinks in a project outline, which provides a handy way to
quickly open another project.
Inserting a hyperlink creates a task that you can use to represent the timing
or costs of another project or subproject in your plan. However, you have to
enter timing and cost information yourself — it isn’t brought over from the
hyperlinked project.
To insert a hyperlink to another Project file in your project, follow these steps:
1. Click to select the blank task name cell where you want the
hyperlinked task to appear.
2. Choose Insert
The Insert Hyperlink dialog box appears, as shown in Figure 4-5.
Figure 4-5:
Choose a
3. In the Text to Display box, type a name for the hyperlinked file.
Make sure that this text makes clear what information is being
4. In the Link To area, click the Existing File or Web Page icon.
You can link to a document, an e-mail address, or a Web page.
5. In the Look In list, locate and select the file to which you want to
insert a hyperlink.
6. Click OK.
The link text is inserted, and a hyperlink symbol appears in the Indicator
field. You can simply click that link symbol to open the other file.
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