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Inserting one project into another
You can also insert tasks from one project into another. You accomplish this
by inserting an entire, existing project into another project; The project that
is inserted is known as a subproject. This method is useful when various
project team members manage different phases of a larger project. The
capability to assemble subprojects in one place allows you to create a master schedule
from which you can view, all in one place, all the pieces of a larger, more
complex project.
Follow these steps to insert another Project file into your plan:
1. In Gantt Chart view, select the task in your task list above which you
want the other project to be inserted.
2. Choose Insert
The Insert Project dialog box appears, as shown in Figure 4-6.
Figure 4-6:
Insert a link
to another
project from
3. From the Look In list, locate the file that you want to insert and click
it to select it.
4. If you want to link to the other file so that any updates to it are
reflected in the copy of the project you’re inserting, select the Link to
Project check box.
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