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5. Click Insert to insert the file.
The inserted project appears above the task you selected when you
began the insert process.
Note that the inserted project’s highest-level task appears at the level of the
task you selected when you inserted the project, with all other tasks below it
in outline order. If you need to, use the Indent and Outdent tools on the
Formatting toolbar (arrows pointing to the left and right, respectively) to
place the inserted tasks at the appropriate level in your project. You can find
out more about how to organize tasks into outlines in Chapter 5.
You’re in It for the Duration
In projects, as in life, timing is everything. Timing in your projects starts with
the durations that you assign to tasks. Although Project helps you see the
effect that the timing of your tasks has on the overall length of your plan, it
can’t tell you how much time each task will take: That’s up to you.
Estimating the duration of tasks isn’t always easy; it has to be based on your
experience with similar tasks and your knowledge of the specifics of your
If you often do projects with similar tasks, consider saving a copy of your
schedule as a template that you can use in the future, thereby saving yourself
the effort of re-estimating durations every time you start a similar project.
Find out about saving templates in Chapter 17.
Tasks come in all flavors:
Identifying task type
Before you begin to enter task durations, you need to be aware of the three
task types. These types have an effect on how Project schedules the work of
a task.
Essentially, your choice of task type determines which element of the task
doesn’t vary when you make changes to the task:
Fixed Duration: This task type takes a set amount of time to complete,
no matter how many resources you add to the mix. For example, a test
on a substance that requires that you leave the test running for 24 hours
has a fixed duration, even if you add 20 scientists to oversee the test.
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