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Fixed Units: This is the default task type. With this task type, when you
assign resources to a task with a certain number of units (hours of work
expressed as a percentage of their working day), the resources’
assignments don’t change even if you change the duration of the task and the
work amount.
Fixed Work: The number of resource hours assigned to the task
determines its length. If you set the duration of a Fixed Work task at 40 hours,
for example, and assign two resources to work 20 hours each (simulta-
neously) at units of 100 percent, the task will be completed in 20 hours.
If you take away one of those resources, the single resource must put in
40 hours at units of 100 percent to complete the task. Understanding
how the choice of task type causes your task timing or resource
assignments to fluctuate is an important part of creating an efficient project.
Follow these steps to set the task type:
1. Double-click a task.
The Task Information dialog box appears.
2. Click the Advanced tab, if necessary, to display it (see Figure 4-7).
Figure 4-7:
Set the task
type here.
3. Choose one of the three choices from the Task Type list (see the
preceding list of choices).
4. Click OK.
You can also display the Type column in a Gantt Chart sheet and make this
setting there.
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