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Using implicit intersection
The final formula, in cell B6, returns the corresponding sales amount. It uses the INDEX function with
the results from cells B4 and B5:
You can combine these formulas into a single formula, as shown here:
Using implicit intersection
The second method to accomplish a two-way lookup is quite a bit simpler, but it requires that you
create a name for each row and column in the table.
A quick way to name each row and column is to select the table and choose Formulas Defined
Names Create from Selection. In the Create Names from Selection dialog box, specify that the
names are in the top row and left column (see Figure 35-2). Click OK, and Excel creates the names.
Figure 35-2: Creating range names automatically.
After creating the names, you can use a simple formula to perform the two-way lookup, such as
=Sprockets July
This formula, which uses the range intersection operator (a space), returns July sales data for
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