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Tip 48: Using the Inquire Add-In
Using the Inquire Add-In
Office 2013 Professional Plus includes a handy auditing add-in called Inquire. To install this add-in,
follow these steps:
1. Choose File➜Options to display the Excel Options dialog box.
2. Click the Add-Ins tab.
3. Choose COM Add-Ins from the Manage drop-down list and click Go to display the COM
AddIns dialog box.
4. In the COM Add-Ins dialog box, select the Inquire item and click OK.
If the Inquire item is not in the list, that means your version of Office doesn’t include this add-in.
When the Inquire Add-In is installed, Excel displays a new tab: Inquire (see Figure 48-1).
Figure 48-1: The Inquire tab appears when the Inquire add-in is installed.
Workbook analysis
To analyze the active workbook, choose Inquire Report Workbook Analysis to display the
Workbook Analysis Report dialog box shown in Figure 48-2. Use the Items list on the left to select an
analysis item, and the results (if any) appear in the Results section on the right. To create a report (in
a new workbook), select the items to include in the report and choose Excel Export. The report is
very detailed and is a good way to document an Excel workbook.
Figure 48-2: The Workbook Analysis Report dialog box.
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