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Unlocking nonformula cells
Unlocking nonformula cells
Follow these steps to unlock all of the nonformula cells:
1. Select a single cell, and choose Home➜Editing➜Find & Select➜Go To Special. Excel displays
the Go To Special dialog box.
2. In the Go To Special dialog box, choose the Constants option and make sure all four check
boxes are checked.
3. Click OK, and Excel selects all of the constant (nonformula) cells.
4. Right-click any of the selected formula cells and choose Format Cells from the shortcut
The Format Cells dialog box appears.
5. Click the Protection tab to display the Locked and Hidden check boxes.
6. Uncheck both the Locked and the Hidden check boxes.
7. Click OK to close the Format Cells dialog box.
Protecting the worksheet
The steps in the two previous sections have no effect unless the worksheet is protected. Follow these
steps to protect the worksheet:
1. Choose Review➜Changes➜Protect Sheet to access the Protect Sheet dialog box (see
Figure 49-2).
Figure 49-2: The Protect Sheet dialog box.
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