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Specifying worksheet names indirectly
The INDIRECT function converts that string to an actual range reference, which is then passed to the
SUM function. In effect, the formula returns
When you change the values in E2 or E3, the formula is updated to display the sum of the specified rows.
Specifying worksheet names indirectly
Figure 50-2 shows another example, this time using a worksheet reference.
Column A, on the Summary worksheet, contains text that corresponds to other worksheets in the
workbook. Column B contains formulas that reference these text items. For example, the formula in
cell B2 is
Figure 50-2: Using the INDIRECT function to create references.
This formula concatenates the text in A2 with a range reference. The INDIRECT function evaluates the
result and converts it to an actual range reference. The result is equivalent to this formula:
This formula is copied down the column. Each formula returns the sum of range F1:F10 on the
corresponding worksheet.
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