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Tip 54: Automatically Filling a Range with a Series
Figure 54-4: The sales figures, after using AutoFill to predict the next five months.
AutoFill also works with dates and even a few text items — day names and month names. The
following table lists a few examples of the types of data that can be autofilled.
First Value
Autofilled Values
Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and so on
Quarter-2, Quarter-3, Quarter-4, Quarter-1, and so on
Feb, Mar, Apr, and so on
February, March, April, and so on
Month 1
Month 2, Month 3, Month 4, and so on
You can also create your own lists of items to be autofilled. To do so, open the Excel Options dialog box
and click the Advanced tab. Then scroll down and click the Edit Custom Lists button to display the
Custom Lists dialog box. Enter your items in the List Entries box (each on a new line). Then click the Add
button to create the list. Figure 54-5 shows a custom list of region names that use Roman numerals.
Figure 54-5: These region names work with the Excel AutoFill feature.
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