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Tip 63: Transposing a Range
Transposing a Range
You may have a range of data that should be transposed. Transposing a range is essentially making
the rows columns, and the columns rows. Figure 63-1 shows an example. The original data is in
A1:H9, and the transposed data is in A12:I19.
This tip describes two methods to transpose a range of data.
Figure 63-1: Data before and after being transposed.
Using Paste Special
To transpose a range of data by copying and pasting, follow these steps:
1. Select the range to be transposed.
2. Press Ctrl+C to copy the range.
3. Select the cell that will be the upper-left cell for the transposed range.
4. Choose Home Clipboard Paste Paste Special to display the Paste Special dialog box.
5. Choose the Transpose option.
6. Click OK.
Excel pastes the copied data, but reoriented.
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