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Tip 65: Using Flash Fill to Combine Data
Using Flash Fill to Combine Data
Tip 64 described how to extract data using the Excel 2013 Flash Fill feature. This tip looks at the other
side of Flash Fill: combing data.
If you need to combine the data in two or more columns, you can write a formula that uses the
concatenation operator (&). For example, this formula combines the contents of cells A1, B1, and C1:
For more complicated types of combinations, Flash Fill might be able to do the job and save you the
trouble of creating (and debugging) a formula.
Figure 65-1 shows a worksheet with first names in column A and last names in column B. I used Flash
Fill to create e-mail addresses (in Column C) for the domain The e-mail addresses
consist of the first initial, an underscore, and the last name — all lowercase.
Figure 65-1: Flash Fill can quickly convert these names into e-mail addresses.
It took only two examples before Flash Fill recognized the pattern and filled in the rest of the column.
Flash Fill is simpler than composing this equivalent formula:
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