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Tip 66: Inserting Stock Information
Inserting Stock Information
This tip describes how to insert refreshable stock data into a worksheet. For some reason, Microsoft
makes this feature rather difficult to find.
Here’s how to do it:
1. Make sure that you’re connected to the Internet.
2. Type a stock symbol into a cell — for example, MSFT for Microsoft. Make sure the characters
are all uppercase.
3. Right-click the cell and choose Addition Cell Actions➜Insert Refreshable Stock Price from the
shortcut menu.
The Insert Stock Price dialog box appears.
4. Specify the location for the information (on a new sheet, or starting at a particular cell).
5. Click OK.
Excel retrieves current information about the stock and inserts data that occupies 18 rows and 16
columns (see Figure 66-1).
Figure 66-1: Refreshable stock information inserted into a worksheet.
You can refresh the information at any time. Select any cell in the table, right-click, and choose
Refresh from the shortcut menu. If your worksheet has information for multiple stocks, you can
refresh them all by choosing Data➜Connections➜Refresh All.
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