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Hiding irrelevant rows and columns
Hiding irrelevant rows and columns
Notice that, of the 18 rows, only one of them contains actual data. The other rows are links and
disclaimers. Unfortunately, there is no direct way to retrieve the information without all of the
extraneous information. But you can hide the irrelevant rows and columns — and the hidden rows and
columns remain hidden when you refresh the information.
Figure 66-2 shows a worksheet that has information for four stocks. I hid the irrelevant rows and
columns, for a concise display.
Figure 66-2: Information for four stocks, after hiding irrelevant rows and columns.
Behind the scenes
Using the Addition Cell Actions Insert Refreshable Stock Price shortcut menu item is just a quick
way of performing a web query and retrieving data from Microsoft’s MSN Money site. You can
retrieve the same information by performing a web query. Choose Data Get External Data From
Web and use this URL:
The URL retrieves information for Microsoft. You can replace MSFT with a different stock symbol.
Figure 66-3 shows the New Web Query dialog box before the information is inserted into a worksheet.
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