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Tip 67: Getting Data from a Web Page
Getting Data from a Web Page
This tip describes three ways to capture data contained on a web page:
➤ Paste a static copy of the information.
➤ Create a refreshable link to the site.
➤ Open the page directly in Excel.
Pasting static information
One way to get data from a web page into a worksheet is to simply highlight the text in your
browser, press Ctrl+C to copy it to the Clipboard, and then paste it into a worksheet. The results will
vary, depending on what browser you use and how the web page is coded.
If pasting doesn’t yield the results you want, choose Home➜Clipboard➜Paste➜Paste Special and
then try various paste options.
Figure 67-1 shows some currency exchange rates, pasted from a web page at As you can
see, even the hyperlinks are pasted.
Figure 67-1: A table of exchange rates copied from a website and pasted to a worksheet.
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