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Pasting refreshable information
Pasting refreshable information
If you need to regularly access updated data from a web page, create a web query. Figure 67-1 shows
a website that contains currency exchange rates in a three-column table.
The term web query is a bit misleading because this operation is not limited to the web.
You can perform a web query on a local HTML file, a file stored on a network server, or a
file stored on a web server on the Internet. To retrieve information from a web server,
you must be connected to the Internet. After the information is retrieved, an Internet
connection is not required to work with the information (unless you need to refresh the
These steps create a web query that allows this information to be retrieved and then refreshed at any
time with a single mouse click:
1. Choose Data➜Get External Data➜From Web to display the New Web Query dialog box.
2. In the Address field, enter the URL of the website and click Go.
For this example, the URL for the web page shown in Figure 67-2 is
Notice that the New Web Query dialog box contains a web browser (Internet Explorer). You
can click links and navigate the website until you locate the data you’re interested in.
When a web page is displayed in the New Web Query dialog box, you see one or more
yellow boxes with an arrow, which correspond to tables defined in the web page — plus
another yellow box that will retrieve the entire page.
3. Click a yellow box, and it turns into a green check box, which indicates that the data in that
table will be imported.
Unfortunately, the table in the example is not selectable, so the only choice is to retrieve the
entire page.
4. Click the Import button to display the Import Data dialog box.
5. In the Import Data dialog box, specify the location for the imported data.
It can be a cell in an existing worksheet or a new worksheet.
6. Click OK, and Excel imports the data.
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