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Pasting refreshable information
Figure 67-2: Using the New Web Query dialog box to specify the data to be imported.
Part of the results is shown in Figure 67-3. Although I was interested only in the 17-row and 3-column
currency table, this web query retrieved 145 rows of mostly irrelevant information.
By default, the imported data is a web query. To refresh the information, right-click any cell in the
imported range and choose Refresh from the shortcut menu.
If you don’t want to create a refreshable query, specify this choice in Step 5 of the preceding step list.
In the Import Data dialog box, click the Properties button and deselect the Save Query Definition
check box.
Excel’s Web query feature works by identifying tables (specified using the HTML
<TABLE> tag) in the document. Increasingly, website designers use cascading style
sheets (CSS) to display tabular information. As demonstrated in this example, Excel
doesn’t recognize these as tables and, therefore, doesn’t display a yellow arrow so you
can retrieve only the table. Therefore, you may have to retrieve the entire document
and then delete (or hide) everything except the table that you want.
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