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Tip 68: Importing a Text File into a Worksheet Range
Importing a Text File into a Worksheet
If you need to insert a text file into a specific range in a worksheet, you may think that your only choice
is to import the text into a new workbook (by choosing Office➜Open) and then to copy the data and
paste it to the range where you want it to appear. However, you can do it in a more direct way.
Figure 68-1 shows a small CSV ( comma separated value) file. The following instructions describe how
to import this file, named monthly.csv, beginning at cell C3.
Figure 68-1: This CSV file will be imported into a range.
1. Choose Data➜Get External Data➜From Text to display the Import Text File dialog box.
2. Navigate to the folder that contains the text file.
3. Select the file from the list and then click the Import button to display the Text Import
4. Use the Text Import Wizard to specify how the data will be imported.
For a CSV file, specify Delimited, with a Comma Delimiter.
5. Click the Finish button.
The Import Data dialog box appears.
6. Click the Properties button, and the External Data Range Properties dialog box appears.
7. Deselect the Save Query Definition check box and click OK to return to the Import Data
dialog box.
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