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Tip 73: Getting Data from a PDF File
Getting Data from a PDF File
A PDF file is a document format that displays text or graphics in a way that’s independent of the
hardware and operating system used to create the document. PDF files are very common, and just
about everyone has software that can read PDF files.
Excel can export a worksheet (or workbook) as a PDF file, but it cannot open PDF files. This tip
describes two ways to get data from a PDF file into an Excel worksheet.
Using copy and paste
Figure 73-1 shows a PDF file displayed in Adobe Reader. I selected the table of data and pressed
Ctrl+C to copy it to the Clipboard. Then I activated Excel and pressed Ctrl+V to copy the Clipboard
contents. The result is shown in Figure 73-2.
Figure 73-1: Data in a PDF file that needs to be transferred to a worksheet.
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