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Hiding the Ribbon
Hiding the Ribbon
To hide the Ribbon, click the Ribbon Display Options drop-down menu in the Excel title bar. You’ll
see the choices shown in Figure 1-2.
Figure 1-2: Choosing how the Ribbon works.
Using options on the View tab
The View tab, shown in Figure 1-3, has three groups of commands that determine what you see
Workbook Views group: These options control the overall view. Most of the time, you’ll use
Normal view. Page Layout view is useful if you require precise control over how the pages
are laid out. Page Break Preview also shows page breaks, but the display isn’t nearly as nice.
The status bar has icons for each of these views. Custom Views enable you to create named
views of worksheet settings (for example, a view in which certain columns are hidden).
Show group: The four checkboxes in this group control the visibility of the Ruler (relevant
only in Page Layout view), the Formula bar, worksheet gridlines, and row and column
Zoom group: These commands enable you to zoom the worksheet in or out. Another way to
zoom is to use the Zoom slider on the status bar.
Figure 1-3: Controls on the View tab.
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