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Using formulas within a table
Figure 75-2: A drop-down list enables you to select a summary formula for a table column.
You can toggle the Total row display on and off by choosing Table Tools Design
Table Style Options Total Row. If you turn it off, the summary options you selected are
remembered when you turn it back on.
Using formulas within a table
In many cases, you want to use formulas within a table. For example, in the table shown in Figure
75-1, you may want a column that shows the difference between the actual and projected amounts
for each month. As you can see, Excel makes this process very easy:
1. Activate cell E2 and type Difference for the column header.
Excel automatically expands the table for you.
2. Move to cell E3 and type an equal sign ( ) to signal the beginning of a formula. =
3. Press the left-arrow key to point to the corresponding value in the Actual column.
4. Type a minus sign ( ) and then press the left-arrow key twice to point to the corresponding
value in the Projected column.
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