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Tip 77: Identifying Data Appropriate for a Pivot Table
A single database table can have any number of data fields and category fields. When you create a
pivot table, you usually want to summarize one or more of the data fields. Conversely, the values in
the category fields appear in the pivot table as rows, columns, or filters.
Figure 77-2 shows a pivot table created from the example. This pivot table displays the 2000
Population values, totaled by state.
Figure 77-2: A pivot table created from the data.
Figure 77-3 shows an example of an Excel range that is not appropriate for a pivot table. Although
the range contains descriptive information about each value, it does not consist of normalized data,
and you cannot create a useful pivot table from it. In fact, this range actually resembles a pivot table
summary, but it’s much less flexible.
Figure 77-3: This range is not appropriate for a pivot table.
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