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Hiding other elements
Hiding other elements
To hide other elements, you must make a trip to the Advanced tab of the Excel Options dialog box
(choose FileÔםOptions). Figure 1-4 shows workbook display options and worksheet display options.
These options are self-explanatory.
Figure 1-4: Display options on the Advanced tab of the Excel Options dialog box.
Hiding the status bar
You can also hide the status bar, at the bottom of the Excel window. Doing so, however, requires VBA
1. Press Alt+F11 to display the Visual Basic Editor.
2. Press Ctrl+G to display the Immediate window.
3. Type this statement and press Enter:
Application.DisplayStatusBar = False
The status bar will be removed from all open workbook windows. To redisplay the status bar, repeat
those instructions, but specify True in the statement.
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