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Tip 2: Customizing the Quick Access Toolbar
Customizing the Quick Access Toolbar
If you find that you continually need to switch Ribbon tabs because a frequently used command
never seems to be on the Ribbon that’s displayed, this tip is for you. The Quick Access toolbar is
always visible, regardless of which Ribbon tab is selected. After you customize the Quick Access
toolbar, your frequently used commands will always be one click away.
The only situation in which the Quick Access toolbar is not visible is when the title bar is
hidden (by choosing Auto-Hide the Ribbon from the Ribbon Display Options drop-down
list in the title bar).
About the Quick Access toolbar
By default, the Quick Access toolbar is located on the left side of the Excel title bar, and it includes
three tools:
Save: Saves the active workbook.
Undo: Reverses the effect of the last action.
Redo: Reverses the effect of the last undo.
Commands on the Quick Access toolbar always appear as small icons, with no text. When you hover
your mouse pointer over an icon, you see the name of the command and a brief description.
As far as I can tell, the number of icons that you can add to your Quick Access toolbar is limitless. But
regardless of the number of icons, the Quick Access toolbar always displays a single line of icons. If
the number of icons exceeds the Excel window width, it displays an additional icon at the end: More
Controls. Click the More Controls icon, and the hidden Quick Access toolbar icons appear in a pop-up
Adding new commands to the Quick Access toolbar
You can add a new command to the Quick Access toolbar in three ways:
➤ Click the Quick Access toolbar drop-down control, which displays a down-pointing arrow
and is located on the right side of the Quick Access toolbar (see Figure 2-1). The list contains
several commonly used commands. Select a command from the list, and Excel adds it to your
Quick Access toolbar.
➤ Right-click any control on the Ribbon and choose Add to Quick Access Toolbar. The control is
added to your Quick Access toolbar, positioned after the last control.
➤ Use the Quick Access Toolbar tab of the Excel Options dialog box. A quick way to access this
dialog box is to right-click any Quick Access toolbar or Ribbon control and choose Customize
Quick Access Toolbar.
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