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Tip 83: Using Pivot Table Slicers and Timelines
Figure 83-2: Using slicers to filter the data displayed in a pivot table.
To add one or more slicers to a worksheet, start by selecting any cell in a pivot table. Then choose
Insert➜Filter➜Slicer. The Insert Slicers dialog box appears, with a list of all fields in the pivot table.
Place a check mark next to the slicers you want, and then click OK.
In Excel 2013, slicers aren’t limited to pivot tables. You can also use slicers with a table
(created with Insert Tables Table).
Slicers float on the worksheet’s drawing layer, and they can be moved and resized. You can change
the look and also specify multiple columns of buttons.
To use a slicer to filter data in a pivot table, just click a button in the slicer. To display multiple values,
press Ctrl while you click the buttons. Press Shift and click to select a series of consecutive buttons.
To remove the effects of filtering by a particular slicer, click the icon in the slicer’s upper-right corner.
Figure 83-3 shows a pivot table with two slicers to enable filtering the data (by State and by Month).
In this case, the pivot table and pivot chart show only the data for California, Oregon, and
Washington for the months of January through March. Slicers provide a quick-and-easy way to create
an interactive chart.
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