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Tip 85: Customizing Charts
Customizing Charts
If you’ve ever been frustrated when trying to customize a chart, here’s some good news: Excel 2013
makes this task easier than ever.
When you click on a chart in Excel 2013, you see three buttons at the upper-right of the chart. These
buttons are the key to quick and easy chart customization.
Adding or removing chart elements
Figure 85-1 shows the options available when you click the Chart Elements button. Note that each
item can be expanded to show additional options. To expand an item in the Chart Elements list,
hover your mouse over the item and click the arrow that appears.
When you display the options for a button, hover the mouse over the item to get a preview of how
the chart will look if you select (or deselect) an item.
Figure 85-1: Options available from the Chart Elements button.
Modifying a chart style or colors
Figure 85-2 shows the options available when you click the Chart Styles button.
Notice that there’s a two-item menu at the top: Style and Color. Click the Color item, and you can
choose a different color palette for your chart.
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