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Tip 2: Customizing the Quick Access Toolbar
Some of the items in the drop-down list are described here:
Popular Commands: Displays commands that Excel users commonly use.
Commands Not in the Ribbon: Displays a list of commands that you cannot access from the
All Commands: Displays a complete list of Excel commands.
Macros: Displays a list of all available macros.
File Tab: Displays the commands available in the back stage window.
Home Tab: Displays all commands that are available when the Home tab is active.
In addition, the drop-down list contains an item for every other tab.
Sometimes, you need to do some guessing to find a particular command. For example, if you want to
add the command that displays the Excel Options dialog box, you can find it listed as Options, not
Excel Options.
Some commands simply aren’t available. For example, I’d like the Quick Access toolbar
to display the command to toggle the “dashed line” page break display on a worksheet.
The only way to issue that command is to display the Advanced tab of the Excel Options
dialog box and then scroll down until you find the Show Page Breaks checkbox. No
command for doing so can be added to the Quick Access toolbar.
To add an item to your Quick Access toolbar, select it from the list on the left and click Add. If you add
a macro to your Quick Access toolbar, you can click the Modify button to change the text and choose
a different icon for the macro.
Notice the drop-down control above the list on the right. This lets you create a Quick Access toolbar
that’s specific to a particular workbook, which is most useful when you add workbook-specific macro
commands to the Quick Access toolbar. Most of the time, you’ll use the setting labeled For All
Documents (Default).
The only time you ever need to use the Quick Access Toolbar tab of the Excel Options dialog box is
when you want to add a command that’s not on the Ribbon or add a command that executes a
macro. In all other situations, it’s much easier to locate the command on the Ribbon, right-click the
command, and choose Add to Quick Access Toolbar.
Only you can decide which commands to put on your Quick Access toolbar. In general, if you find
that you use a particular command frequently, it should probably be on your Quick Access toolbar.
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