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Using a template
Using a template
To create a chart based on a template you’ve created, follow these steps:
1. Select the data to be used in the chart.
2. Choose Insert➜Charts➜Recommended Charts.
The Insert Chart dialog box appears.
3. At the top of the Insert Chart dialog box, choose the All Charts tab.
4. Choose Templates from the list on the left.
Excel displays a preview image (using the selected data) for each custom template that has
been created (see Figure 87-2).
5. Click the image that represents the template you want to use and click OK.
Excel creates the chart based on the template you selected.
You can also apply a template to an existing chart. Select the chart and choose Chart Tools➜
Design➜Change Chart Type. That command displays a dialog box that’s exactly the same as the Insert
Chart dialog box. Choose the All Charts tab and then choose Templates from the list on the left.
Figure 87-2: Choosing a chart template.
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