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Customizing a combination chart
3. Choose the second icon: Clustered Column — Line on Secondary Axis.
Excel creates the chart shown on Figure 88-3.
Figure 88-2: Excel proposes three preconfigured combination charts.
Figure 88-3: Excel created this combination chart with just a few mouse clicks.
The chart clearly shows both data series. The primary axis (on the left) is for the Avg Temperature
series (columns). The secondary axis (on the right) is for the Avg Precipitation series (the line). You
may want to add axis labels to make it easier to distinguish the two axes.
Customizing a combination chart
In some cases, none of the preconfigured combination charts will be exactly what you want. But
creating a customized combination chart is a simple matter.
Choose Insert➜Charts➜Combo➜Create Custom Combo Chart, and the Insert Chart dialog box
appears with the Combo section displayed (see Figure 88-4). Use the controls at the bottom of the All
Charts tab of the Insert Chart dialog box to specify the chart type for each data series. Use the check
boxes to indicate which (if any) of the series will use a secondary axis.
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