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Tip 91: Using Multi-Level Category Labels
Using Multi-Level Category Labels
Most users don’t realize it, but when you create a chart, you can display multi-level category labels.
You don’t have to do anything special. Just select all of the data before you create the chart. Excel
takes care of the details for you.
Figure 91-1 shows an example of a chart that uses two columns for the category labels. Here, the first
level is the region, and the second level is the state. Notice that the Region labels in column A aren’t
repeated for each state. The blank regions cause the region name to appear once in the chart.
Figure 91-1: A chart that uses two columns for category labels.
Figure 91-2 shows another example, which uses three columns for the category axis labels. In this
example, the additional lines of text are used to provide more information about each of the four branches.
Figure 91-2: A chart that uses three columns for category labels.
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