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Using formulas to display repeating characters
To add data bars to a range, select the range and choose Home Conditional Formatting Data Bars
and select one of the fill options.
Excel provides quick access to 12 data bar styles via Home Styles Conditional Formatting Data
Bars. For additional choices, click the More Rules option, which displays the New Formatting Rule
dialog box. Use this dialog box to do the following:
➤ Show the bar only (hide the numbers).
➤ Specify Minimum and Maximum values for the scaling.
➤ Change the appearance of the bars.
➤ Specify how negative values and the axis are handled.
➤ Specify the direction of the bars.
Using formulas to display repeating characters
Figure 94-2 shows an example of a chart created by using formulas.
Figure 94-2: A histogram created directly in a range of cells.
Column D contains formulas that incorporate the rarely used REPT function, which repeats a text
string a specified number of times. For example, the following formula displays five asterisks:
In the example shown in Figure 94-2, cell D3 contains this formula, which was copied down the column:
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