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Tip 96: Applying Chart Data Labels from a Range
Applying Chart Data Labels from a Range
Excel 2013 introduced a feature that’s been on the wish lists of many users for at least 15 years: the
ability to specify an arbitrary range to be used as data labels for a series.
Figure 96-1 shows an XY scatter chart that uses data labels stored in a range to identify the data
points. In previous versions of Excel, adding these data labels had to be done manually, or with the
assistance of a macro.
Figure 96-1: Excel 2013 can add data labels from an arbitrary range.
To specify data labels from a range:
1. Activate the chart and select the series that will contain data labels.
2. Click the Chart Elements icon (to the right of the chart) and add data labels.
Excel displays default data labels for the series.
3. Select the data labels and press Alt+1 to display the Format Data Labels task pane.
4. In the Label Options section of Format Data Labels task pane, deselect any check boxes that
are selected and select the Values from Cells check box.
The Data Label Range dialog box appears, as shown in Figure 96-2.
5. Specify the range that contains the labels and click OK.
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