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Tip 97: Grouping Charts and Other Objects
Grouping Charts and Other Objects
If you create a number of charts, you may want to be able to work with them all as a group. For
example, move them all, or resize them all. The solution is to group the charts into a single object.
Grouping charts
Start by creating the charts that you’d like to group and then arrange and size them as you like. Then
press Shift and click each chart. When the charts are selected, right-click any one of them and choose
Figure 97-1 shows six charts that have been grouped. The group name ( Group 14 ) appears in the
Name box.
Figure 97-1: Six charts, combined into a group.
To move the entire group, click anywhere in the group and drag.
If the group is already selected when you click and drag, you will select a particular chart
in the group and change its position. Most of the time, this is not what you want. Press
Ctrl+Z to undo.
To resize the entire group, click anywhere in the group to select the group. Then drag any of the
resizing handles that appear in the group’s outline.
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