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Grouping other objects
Figure 97-2 shows the grouped charts after I resized the entire group.
Figure 97-2: Grouped charts, after resizing the group.
Even though charts are grouped, you can still work with a particular chart in a group — and charts
that are in a group can still be moved and resized individually. To work with a single chart in a group,
click anywhere in the group to select the group; then click the chart you want to work on.
To ungroup the objects in the group, right-click anywhere in the group and choose Group
Grouping other objects
You can combine various types of objects into a group. Figure 97-3 shows a group that consists of a
shape (which serves as the background), a text box, and a chart. Figure 97-4 shows the group after I
resized it to change the proportions. Resizing a group is much easier than resizing three separate
When combining objects that overlap, you’ll often need to adjust the stack order.
Rightclick an object and use the Bring to Front or Send to Back commands.
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