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Tip 100: Enhancing Images
Enhancing Images
A set of features that you might overlook is image enhancement. These tools allow you to modify
and enhance images that you insert on a worksheet. This doesn’t mean you can uninstall your
favorite image editing software, but you may be surprised at the type of enhancements you can perform
without even leaving Excel.
To embed an image on a worksheet, choose Insert➜Illustrations➜Pictures (for an image stored on
your hard drive) or Insert➜Illustrations➜Online Pictures (to search for and retrieve an image from an
online source).
When you select an embedded image, use the tools in the Picture Tools➜Format➜Adjust group to
work it. The tools include the following:
Remove Background: Makes it very easy to remove an extraneous background from a
Corrections: Sharpen or soften the image or adjust the brightness and contrast.
Color: Adjust the color saturation and color tone or convert the image to use just a few colors.
Artistic Effects: Apply some Photoshop-like filters to the image.
Compress Pictures: Make your images smaller.
Change Picture: Substitute a different image for the selected image.
Reset Picture: Undo all modifications you’ve made.
In most cases, you get a live preview of the effect when you move your mouse pointer over the icon.
Just click to apply it. For more control over the enhancements, right-click the image and choose
Format Picture. Then use the controls in the Format Picture task pane to adjust the parameters.
Figure 100-1 shows a photo before and after I removed the background. The parts of the image that
are removed become transparent. This feature works surprisingly well.
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