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Tip 5: Understanding AutoRecover
Understanding AutoRecover
If you’ve used computers for any length of time, you’ve probably lost some work. You forgot to save
a file, or maybe the power went out and your unsaved work was lost. Or maybe you were working on
something and didn’t think it was important, so you closed it without saving — and later realized
that it was important. The AutoRecover feature in Excel can make these types of “doh!” moments less
As you work in Excel, your work is periodically saved, automatically. It happens in the background, so
you don’t even know that it’s happening. You have the ability to access these autosaved versions of
your work — even workbooks that you never explicitly saved.
This feature consists of two components:
➤ Versions of a workbook are saved automatically, and you can view them.
➤ Workbooks that you close without saving are saved as draft versions.
Recovering versions of the current workbook
To see whether any previous versions of the current workbook are available, choose File➜Info. The
section labeled Versions lists the available old versions (if any) of the current workbook. Figure 5-1
shows that two autosaved versions of the active workbook are available.
Figure 5-1: Two autosaved versions of this workbook are available.
You can open an autosaved version by clicking its name. Remember that opening an autosaved
version won’t automatically replace the current version of your workbook. Therefore, you can decide
whether the autosaved version is preferable to the current version. Or you can just copy some
information that may have been accidentally deleted and paste it into your current workbook.
When you close the workbook, the autosaved versions are deleted.
Recovering unsaved work
When you close a workbook without saving your changes, Excel asks whether you want to save your
changes. If that unsaved workbook has an autosaved version, the dialog box informs you of that fact,
as shown in Figure 5-2.
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