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Applying a theme
Applying a theme
Figure 10-3 shows the theme choices that appear when you choose Page➜Layout➜Themes. This
display is a live preview. As you move your mouse over the theme choices, the active worksheet
displays the theme. When you see a theme you like, click it to apply the theme to all worksheets in the
A theme applies to the entire workbook. You cannot use different themes on different worksheets
within a workbook.
Figure 10-3: The built-in Excel theme choices.
When you specify a particular theme, you find that the gallery choices for various elements reflect
the new theme. For example, the chart styles that you can choose from vary, depending on which
theme is active.
Because themes use different fonts and font sizes, changing to a different theme can
affect the layout of your worksheet. For example, after you apply a new theme, a
worksheet that printed on a single page may spill over to a second page. Therefore, you may
need to make some adjustments after you apply a new theme. For best results, decide
on a theme before you do too much work on the file.
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