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Checking compatibility
Word, and PowerPoint. This software doesn’t endow the older versions with any new features — it
just gives them the capability to open and save files in the new format.
To download the Compatibility Pack from Microsoft, search the web for Office Compatibility Pack.
It’s important to understand the limitations regarding version compatibility. Even though your
colleague is able to open your file, there is no guarantee that everything will function correctly or look
the same.
Checking compatibility
If you save your workbook to an older file format (such as .xls, for versions prior to Excel 2007), Excel
automatically runs the Compatibility Checker. The Compatibility Checker identifies the elements of
your workbook that will result in a loss of functionality or fidelity (cosmetics).
Figure 11-1 shows the Compatibility Checker dialog box. Click the Select Versions to Show button to
limit the compatibility-checking to a specific version of Excel.
Figure 11-1: The Compatibility Checker is a useful tool for those who share workbooks with other people.
The bottom part of the Compatibility Checker lists the potential compatibility problems. To display
the results in a more readable format, click the Copy to New Sheet button.
Keep in mind that compatibility problems also can occur with Excel 2007 and Excel 2010, even
though these versions use the same file format as Excel 2013. You can’t expect features that are new
to Excel 2013 to work in earlier versions. For example, if you add slicers to table (a new feature in
Excel 2013) and send it to a colleague who uses Excel 2010, the slicers won’t be displayed. In
addition, formulas that use any of the new worksheet functions will return an error. The Compatibility
Checker identifies these types of problems.
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