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Tip 13: Working with Merged Cells
Working with Merged Cells
Merging cells is a simple concept: Join two or more cells to create a larger single cell. To merge cells,
just select them and choose Home➜Alignment➜Merge & Center. Excel combines the selected cells
and displays the contents of the upper-left cell, centered.
Merging cells is usually done as a way to enhance the appearance of a worksheet. Figure 13-1, for
example, shows a worksheet with four sets of merged cells: C2:I2, J2:P2, B4:B8, and B9:B13. The
merged cells in column B also use vertical text.
Figure 13-1: This worksheet has four sets of merged cells.
Remember that merged cells can contain only one piece of information: a single value, text, or a
formula. If you attempt to merge a range of cells that contains more than one nonempty cell, Excel
prompts you with a warning that only the data in the upper-leftmost cell will be retained.
To unmerge cells, just select the merged area and click the Merge and Center button again.
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